An app that exchanges your cryptocurrency from the ledger wallet

Easy, fast and from the hardware wall, back on the wallet!


Why BitcoinChange?

over 100 Altcoins

Offers the crypto exchange from the ledger wallet from ETH, BTC, XRP and many other cryptocurrencies.

Fully automatic

Swaps fully automatically, your cryptocurrencies thanks to the Changelly partnership, thanks to high liquidity!

Reduced risk

You are not taking the risk, that your cryptocurrency is blocked for flimsy reasons or, that the stock market is hacked like MT.GOX.


Tausch 1Convert your Kryptos by Ledgerwallet

If you order your Ledgerwallet, we recommend the app "BitcoinChange" Available for iOS and Android to convert your crypto currencies.

The Ledgerwallet offers no direct way, to swap or crypto currency into another without a public Exchange (Börse) to use.

Tausch 2example: You now have Ethereum in Ledgerwallet. But suddenly crashes Ethereum and you want to e.g.. Change Bitcoins. Then BitcoinChange is ideal!


  • They remain completely anonymous during crypto exchange
  • Their private circuits remain the same to you
  • No risk of chopped Exchanges
  • No lengthy KYC and registration

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